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Brash boss: first year 'overly ambitious,' outlines improvement plan


Speaking with GameDaily in response Monday's Variety article (which we had our own response to) on the "turmoil" surrounding Brash Entertainment, CEO Mitch Davis acknowledged that "we took our lumps" on its first three titles – Jumper: Griffin's Story, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and Space Chimps – which scored 29, 33, and 55 (out of 100) on aggregate. Davis also vowed that changes are in store; ones that will hopefully lead to better games.

"First and foremost, we've put an end to short-cycle games," Davis told GameDaily, adding that, "some of our games will benefit from up to three years of development." This may explain why we've yet to see titles in development by Factor 5 and Game Republic, two of several "better development studios" Davis believes will help Brash get back on solid ground quality-wise.

Speaking to the departure of company execs and other staff, Davis stated, "After our first few games did not meet expectation we decided that we needed to upgrade our staff," pointing to the hiring of former Activision licensing head Lori Plager as Senior Vice President, in charge of intellectual property acquisitions. Quality games based on quality source material? Sounds good – Brash just has to prove it can manage the former before gamers en mass can get behind this newly "refined" publisher.

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