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Rumor: The next Xbox will be 'forwards compatible'

Justin McElroy

Brace your earth brains for this one: Xbox Evolved is reporting that they heard from a "reliable source" that the next Xbox (let's call it the 720, just for laughs) will be ... are you ready for this? ... forwards compatible. Woah! Can you believe it? The next Xbox will have the ability to look into the future and play the games of tomorrow, with no present day knowledge of their existence or content.

Well, not exactly like that. Xbox Evovled is using "fowards compatible" to mean that 360 games will be better on the 720, which could mean anything from improved graphics to additional features. (That only applies, of course, to 360 games that have been designed to do so.) That seems more like "improved backwards compatibility to us" but the concept -- which could really help to pad the launch lineup of the 720 -- is intriguing nonetheless.

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