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Dexter game not exclusive to iPhone, Feb. 2009 release planned


Shouldn't a game about a serial killer ... killer be on gaming platforms other than the iPhone? That's what we were thinking when Marc Ecko made that surprise announcement at this year's Comic Con. Well, looks like the upcoming Dexter game is expanding to at least one other platform besides Apple's touch device: the PC.

A Dexter-themed party held by Marc Ecko Entertainment gave us an opportunity to talk with Ecko's creative VP, Marc Fernandez, and Phil Hall, production VP at developer Icarus Studios. The two confirmed their plans to bring Showtime's lovable serial killer to other platforms, provided they find success (and money) with their upcoming PC/iPhone release. We're sure fans of the show won't mind playing a Dexter game on their Xbox 360s.

While no gameplay footage was available at the event, we did get to see some renders taken from the iPhone version of the game (pictured above). The environments look very impressive, and remind us how powerful the iPhone truly is. However, without a real gameplay demonstration, we remain skeptical that the iPhone can do justice to the Dexter franchise.

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