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PS Nation podcast joins the 'Extra Life' charity event


It's another 24-hour gaming event for charity. This one features our friends at the PS Nation podcast, and will begin tomorrow. The team is asking for donations of any kind.

"Extra Life is about getting a new group of people involved in helping fight pediatric cancer. There are plenty of "walk-a-thons" and "run-a-thons" and honestly many who consider themselves "gamers" might not participate in that because it doesn't interest them. Extra Life is about going to a completely different group of people and asking them to help out and do what they enjoy at the same time."

To find out more and to donate, click here. (For the "Gamer Name," Just enter PS Nation Podcast)
To watch Torgo suffer through the 24 hour gameplay session in the R2 beta this weekend, click here.

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