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Ask X3F: co-op edition


This week's edition of Ask X3F is relatively short, but that doesn't mean it isn't packed with the good stuff. This week we've got questions about yet another old game (a rumored GUN sequel this time), music licensing, and Portal XBLA. We also give advice on adjusting to console FPS games and earning achievements with a significant other (makes for a great date!). Find the latest installment of Ask X3F after the break.

i remember a long time ago in a demo for one of the tony hawk games there was a poster for a new game called gun: magruders wrath. i thought gun was a really fun game and i was just wondering if anything ever came of that poster.
gamertag: fat santa eater

As far as we know, Activision still hasn't made any official announcement regarding a GUN sequel. So far, all we've gotten are hints. Way back in 2006, Activision hinted at a sequel during a conference call, noting that the original sold very well. Then there was the GUN: Magruder's Ghost poster that showed up in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground last year. Given Activision's penchant for squeezing every last drop out of successful franchises, we wouldn't be surprised if a GUN sequel is in the works. Then again, Activision may just have better things for Neversoft to work on.

Hey fellas, I was hoping to hear someone(fellow Portal lover Richard perhaps?) give their thoughts on the version of POrtal being released on XBLA. Specifically, is it worth buying if you already own the Orange box?

Jason from NJ
GT - StrngBrew

Jason, we will definitely be covering Portal: Still Alive in the next XBLA in Brief. Before even playing it though, you have to ask yourself whether or not some new portal levels -- what amounts to an expansion pack, really -- is worth $15 to you. We'll see if we can't spend some time with the full version before we put up our next episode of XBLA in Brief.

I've unlocked probably one of the greatest achievements available to fanboys and that's getting my totally hot girlfriend to become an avid Xbox 360 gamer and achievement addict. What then could I possibly be complaining about you ask? Well, I've been renting several "easy" games for us to play through together (the likes of Crash of the Titans, Spiderman Friend or Foe, and the Lego series) but to our disapointment, the 2nd player rarely, if ever, receives campaign related achievements! At first I tried to convince her that her gamerscore really didn't matter anyways, but she wasn't buying it. It has lead to us (and usually just me alone) having to play through these silly games a second time to redo all of the content under her profile. I don't know about you, but its inhumane to make a person play through Spiderman: FoF two times! Please wield your powerful game industry influence and force developers to consider us lucky few that have co-op partners foaming at the mouth for achievements. And in the mean time, are there any tips or advice you could throw our way?


First of all, you say that you've tried convincing your girlfriend that gamerscore doesn't matter. That, friend, is a two-way street. Assuming you can live without the gamerscore, why not simply play through your "easy" games on her profile from the beginning? Should you choose to, you can always go back through to get the gamerscore for yourself.

We can't force the industry to allow co-op achievements, but we can suggest some games. Halo 3 allows campaign achievements via co-op. Fable II has a number of co-op achievements, though they aren't campaign related. Gears of War offers co-op achievements too. We're sure there are others out there. Anyone care to suggest a few?

Hi -- I just picked up a 360 a couple of weeks ago. I'm an avid FPS player on PC and would love to try some 360 shooters, but I really can't get my head around using a controller to move AND look AND shoot. There are so many good-looking shooters coming up I don't want to miss. Do you have any tips on how to adapt from keyboard and mouse to a controller?



There probably isn't any shortcut we could suggest. Our best advice is just to play as much as possible. You might consider starting on easier difficulties or even messing around in some empty multiplayer levels. You should also try as many settings as possible. Most 360 games will allow you to invert your aiming controls (up looks up or up looks down) and adjust the sensitivity. Some games even allow different levels of vertical and horizontal sensitivity. Fiddle with the options and see what you like best. All that's left after that is just practice.

I have a question about Rock Band 1 and 2.. specifically the downloaded content. What is the process a band has to go through to make a track of theirs downloadable for rock band? Does Harmonix approach record labels/bands or do the band/publicity companies/labels go to Harmonix? Would they have to pay to have their track on or do they get pad royalties for the track?

Thanks guys,


As far as who approaches whom, we imagine it's a little bit of both, though we would wager Harmonix / MTV does the most legwork. As for who gets the money, we imagine it's the same process that anyone goes through to license a music track (paying the record company for the rights, in other words). There are differences, obviously, but the process would be essentially the same in theory. Royalties we're not sure about. We'll see if we can't get an answer from Harmonix.

Dear X3F,

You guys really helped me out quite a bit! I previously asked you about the wireless or wired controller and you answered. I ended up buying the wireless Covenant Halo 3 controller new for $40! YAY! And
before that, I asked about whether or not a memory card was worth getting and you answered. I ended up buying a 512 MB card w/ worms for $20! YAY! (Too bad that MS is now giving them away. I wish they gave
me one for free). Here is my question and I hope you can answer. In Xbox Live Marketplace, there is a section where they have free stuff like themes, pics, demos, dlc (?) but I can't find free movies! Is there a section where they list free downloadable shows, movies? shorts, etc.? It seems like the only way I can get free content is by digging around through each option (PAIN in the grunt)! Please help!

-Venas Rotas

gamer tag: Latin Trident

We're happy we've been able to help Venas! We'll be honest, you've got us stumped on this one though. As far as we know, there is no 'free' section for movies and TV shows. But that's where our faithful readers come in! They've got the dope on all kinds of ways to find free stuff. They're a savvy bunch, don'cha know. So, how about it X3F community? Where shoudl Venas look for free XBLM movie and TV downloads?

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