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Former SCEE exec Deering joins PlaySpan

Jason Dobson

Former PlayStation Europe head, Chris Deering, has joined the advisory board for PlaySpan, a company that has nothing to do with PlayStation and everything to do with the wild world of in-game money making. Self-described as the "first publisher-sponsored in-game commerce network," PlaySpan expects to benefit for Deering's ten years behind the desk at SCEE as the company works to position itself in the lucrative virtual goods market.

PlaySpan is better recognized by gamers for its subsidiary brand, PayByCash, which offers payment solutions on a variety of online titles, including Ultima Online, Everquest II and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Even so, we're fuzzy on what exactly Deering will be advising the company on, though we imagine his time will be split between coming up with imaginative ways to reach into gamers' pockets and deciding what horse to bet on in the current hardware race.

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