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Mythic CTO to keynote at East Coast Games Summit

James Egan

Mythic Entertainment's Chief Technology Officer Matt Shaw is slated to keynote the America's Video Game Expo (VGXPO) and its East Coast Games Summit. VGXPO will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, from November 21-23.

In a session titled "MMOs, Everyone Wants to Do One!", Shaw will discuss the differences in developing single player games versus MMO titles, and the lessons learned along the way. Some highlights of the upcoming East Coast Games Summit at VGXPO include:

  • "Pitch Your Game Idea": a session for entrepreneurs to pitch their game concepts to industry leaders.
  • "Scrum Deconstructed": a hands-on workshop for game industry management and technologists.
  • "Breaking In": a conference for students and others interested in making a career out of games.
Speakers from companies like Acclaim Entertainment, Electronic Arts, BioWare, and Nexon will be at VGXPO as well.
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