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    Panasonic's portable Strada CN-GP50U GPS reviewed: not a winner

    Darren Murph

    As with Jeep's lackluster RT-300, Panasonic's portable Strada CN-GP50U GPS is probably better left on the shelf. We know, it'll be awfully tough to resist that magnificent 5-inch panel and the sleek black frame, but according to PC Mag, this thing is just so-so on its best day. For starters, the price premium over rivaling 4.3-inch units was tough for critics to justify, and coupled with a small POI database, sluggish performance and awkward destination / POI input, hope for success was pretty much extinguished. As if that weren't enough to frighten you off, reviewers also noted that data fields in the map view were "small and difficult to read," which probably should not ever be the case on -- you know -- a navigation system. We appreciate the effort, Panny, but we'd suggest nailing the basics next time before turning to pizazz.

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