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WoW Insider Show Episode 60: Inside Blizzard HQ

Mike Schramm

The WoW Insider Show landed at its new home, our new Ustream channel, last Saturday, and things went pretty darn well. We had a nice turnout of listeners from all over, and we had Adam Holisky and Turpster on, along with our guest Patrick Beja (of, How I WoW, and all of the other podcasts and features at his site Frenchspin). We had a few contests (one of which is still ongoing for you non-live listeners, so make sure to listen for the details if you haven't heard them yet), and we took some of the new features over at Ustream for a spin, including some fun polls.

I'm told our new iTunes feed isn't quite up and running yet, but in the future you'll see an iTunes link here as well. Show notes are after the break.

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Or listen to Episode 60 right here:

This week, since Patrick and Adam were on with us, we talked a lot about BlizzCon, including:

Additionally, Patrick talked to us about his visit to Blizzard HQ, and we talked at length about what we thought was exciting in patch 3.0.2, including the nerfing of endgame, why achievements are so much fun, and why it feels like the game is back on track -- everybody feels overpowered, which is the way it should be, more or less.

Be sure to join us again next Saturday afternoon for a live recording, or stay tuned here on the site next week (or just keep an eye on the feeds -- it'll likely show up there before we post it here) for another episode of our weekly podcast.

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