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Linux-based Evo "Smart Console" now up for pre-order


While any announcement of a new game console is rightly going to be greeting with a hefty amount of skepticism, it looks like this new Evo "Smart Console" from upstart Envizions Computer Entertainment could be a bit of a unique case and, as Pandora has shown, sometimes these things do actually pan out. Working in the Evo's favor is the fact that it's really nothing more than a Linux-based computer that relies entirely on off the shelf parts like an overclocked Athlon 64x2 5600 processor and ATI Radeon 3200 graphics. The more ambitious, and potentially vaporware bit, is Envizions' hopes for the system as a game development platform and a cloud computing device of sorts. Apparently, it's betting on developers tailoring games specifically for the system and selling 'em through its proposed Evo Network, which Envizions CEO Derrick Samuels says would "give Linux game developers a chance to make some money." The company also says that a subsidized rebate plan will eventually bring the price of the console down to $250, but it'll run a full $600 out of the gate, and Envizions will gladly take a $100 deposit right now from anyone willing to reserve one of the first few consoles that'll supposedly start shipping on November 20th.

[Via thegadgetsite]

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