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Motorola's iDEN RAZR-alike gets FCC approval: meet the i9

Chris Ziegler

We broke this sucker in its codename form of "Cabo" at some point before the last ice age -- our memory's kinda hazy going back that far -- but it's just now getting around to reality, and it's looking every bit as good (by iDEN standards, anyway) as it did back in the day. The i9 (as it turns out the official branding will be) features a 3.1-megapixel cam, GPS, morphing touch-sensitive keys on the front that change based on the current application (say, cam or media player) and the phone's orientation, and of course, push-to-talk -- in other words, this could end up being the ultimate execution in Moto's long, storied iDEN line. A last gasp, perhaps? An opportunity to go out with a bang? No word on a release timeframe yet, but we're figuring Sprint is going to make a big stink about this one when it materializes, so we're not too worried about it sneaking under the radar.

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