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New System Update may block Homebrew Channel [update]


Update 2: "View Compatible Controllers" is now a separate link in the details of each game listing in the Shop Channel. Also, we've corrected the Japanese version number. It's 3.3 everywhere, up from the last update ... 3.3.

Reader John writes in and points us to Wiibrew, who is reporting this update kills The Homebrew Channel, as well as the Mplayer that makes DVD play possible. If you've already followed our guide for playing DVDs and installed The Homebrew Channel, then you're fine.

Chances are, your Wii may have told you this already -- either through the friendly blue light or a message that pops up when you load the Wii Shop Channel. But in case it hasn't, Nintendo has sent out a new Wii firmware update. In Japan, the software is up to 3.4 still 3.3. The Shop Channel is down for maintenance as well, as all references to Wii Points are changed to "Nintendo Points" and various other pre-DSi maintenance is done. But in America and Europe, not much seems to have changed.

This NeoGAF thread is tracking the potential changes -- most notably that some people are now unable to install the Homebrew Channel. People with pre-existing installations are fine, but it's possible that this new update has blocked the ability to install homebrew. There was a fairly ominous message in the update description about deleting altered saves! Of course, these reports could turn out to be in error.

Other reported effects include improved Shop Channel loading speed, possibly reorganized item listings, and nothing.

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