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Viasat launches satellite VOD in Europe, Sweden calls first

Darren Murph

Viasat isn't giving HD consumers any additional high-def scraps to fight over here, but at least the "premium" customers who are shelling out for that ViasatPlus HD service will be able to justify it a tad more. A new video-on-demand service (predictably named ViasatOnDemand) will utilize a customer's broadband internet connection to pull down movies and other programs to the hard drive of their DVR on demand. Sweden will become the first country to take advantage when it launches there this week, while Norway / Denmark get it next week and Finland later this year. Each movie that's currently available on premium channel TV1000 will be available at no extra charge, while other flicks / series will be priced between SEK19 ($2.47) and SEK49 ($6.25) per title.

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