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ITAMI FiTrainer headset: it's like a coach on your head

Darren Murph

Remember that Body Trainer headset unveiled by Sega Toys earlier this year? If not, there's hardly a better time to refresh your memory given that it's coming to US soil via ITAMI. The rebadged FiTrainer comes equipped with a heart sensor and built-in one-liners to keep you going when your muscles are just dying to return to the couch. ITAMI also has the nerve to claim that "Wii Fit is history, while the FiTrainer is the future." At any rate, the headset packs a trio of exercise modes -- walking, jogging and aerobics -- and by utilizing proprietary algorithms and subliminal encouragement from a variety of Pokémons, it tells you exactly how to exercise in order to "achieve maximum results." We're only told that the device is "coming soon," but you can certainly procrastinate signing up to hear more so that you completely avoid ever bringing this nuisance / assistant into your life.

[Via I4U News, thanks Chris]

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