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Verizon's FiOS TV expansions: October 25, 2008

Darren Murph

Verizon was on a rampage last week when it came to FiOS TV expansions, and we're delighted to say that this week isn't too much different. For starters, we see that the latest wave of interactive features have swept across North Texas and New Jersey, while councils in Pomona, Lindenhurst, Hewlett Bay Park and Yorktown, New York approved video franchises to get Verizon's fiber-based programming service up and running in the near future. Finally, we see a single town in Washington (Kirkland) and two locales in the Bay State (Hudson and Weston) get word of impending FiOS TV service. We'll see you next week -- here's to hoping your neck of the woods gets covered within the next seven days.

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