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Paul Barnett thinks you look like a Dwarf

Shawn Schuster

Since Warhammer Online's launch, we haven't heard much out of the normally very vocal Creative Director for Mythic, Paul Barnett. Yet, in a recent interview at Ten Ton Hammer, Barnett speaks out about a few topics that are near and dear to his heart; most notably, the psychology of player races in WAR and how they pertain to appearance.

Barnett is usually full of witty metaphors and clever comparisons, and he certainly doesn't disappoint in this interview. On the topic of Dwarfs, Barnett muses on the people who play them and how "Most of the people I've met who like Dwarfs basically look like Dwarfs". He goes on to discuss the psychology of the Greenskins, Chaos players and finally the Elves. "I don't think people that play as Elves look like Elves either, because then I'd have to hunt them all down and kill them because they're too perfect. And if you did look like a Dark Elf or High Elf, you wouldn't be playing our game, you'd be walking around asking people to look at you because you're so beautiful."
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