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Cipher Complex, not quite vaporware yet

Jason Dobson

Starcraft: Ghost. The Phantom. And let's face it, Sadness, too. Video game history is littered with the corpses of titles and projects that choked on their own ambition before making it to the finish line. So much so that we've become accustomed to second guessing games that stay out of the spotlight for any considerable length of time. Of course, devs are reluctant to publicly admit defeat, leaving us to remember from time to time to poke our heads in and see if that game we saw screenshots for a year ago still deserves a place on our radar.

Recently we were reminded of The Incredible Hulk developer, Edge of Reality, and its stealth action game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Cipher Complex, which has run noticeably silent since it was first announced in 2006. So we pinged company president Binu Philip, who reassured us that despite the absence of press, Cipher Complex is still on the way. "We are still working away on the title," he told us, adding however that the team is "not currently saying anything publicly about the game." For now, it seems video game history will have to wait for its next victim -- at least until another decides to stop chewing bubble gum and just lie down.

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