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The Guitar Hero World Tour unlock all songs code


We know we said that unlocking every Rock Band 2 song using a cheat code wasn't, in fact, cheating at all but rather a singular act of rock and roll rebellion; a quick 10-button eff you to the establishment. Well, if you followed our logic there, then what can we say about Guitar Hero World Tour's unlock code, first distributed to the responsible folks who preordered the game through GameStop?

Well, one of 'em did manage to share the code with The Internet, so that's pretty rock and roll. And also, since when is repackaging the allure of real rock and roll into a more palatable, mainstream package any less rock and roll? For every Beatles there's a Monkees; for every Monkees, there's a New Monkees. And with that in mind, we present you the cheat code to unlock every Guitar Hero World Tour song. Just plug this string of buttons into the "Cheats" section under the "Options" menu: Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow.

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