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THQ's Pass the Pigs in the App Store


Our friends at THQ have sent word that their latest iPhone game, Pass the Pigs, is in the App Store right now. You may have already played this one (and if you haven't, there's an online version to check out for free). Apparently you toss pigs in the air, and get points for however they land, like a strange porcine form of two card poker.

Can't say it appeals much to me, but as a game to distract the kids while waiting somewhere with only an iPhone to entertain, it might do the trick. There's even a "Pig's Life" story mode, where you can earn extra disguises for your pigs, and hey, it might even be worth the $4.99 just to see how they tacked a story on to a game of throwing plastic pigs around.

Then again, it probably isn't. But apparently the soundtrack is pretty good.

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