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The Daily Grind: Will The Old Republic beat World of Warcraft?

Samuel Axon

There have been many arguments in the Massively offices -- some bordering on heated (hey, we're passionate people, alright?) -- about today's question. We don't all agree. Some think it's definite, some think it's definitely not, and some folks are on the fence, but here goes: will Star Wars: The Old Republic surpass World of Warcraft by any measure of success -- particularly in subscriber numbers?

Sure, reps from LucasArts and EA said so, but they kind of have to, right? We'd love to hear your opinions, but here are a couple points that have been brought up: WoW opened the door for new MMOs -- people are comfortable with them now. Doesn't that mean the chances are ripe for a huge, established franchise like Star Wars to sweep in and take it to the next level? On the other hand, since Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect sold substantially fewer copies than WoW, does the BioWare / KotOR pedigree really matter for this question?

Star Wars is neither a star nor a war -- discuss!

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