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NXE Avatars coming to (some) older XBLA titles


In its latest video exposé on the New Xbox Experience, the Gamerscore Blog has teamed with Major Nelson and a few project insiders to show off how Avatars will work in several older XBLA titles. Specifically, Uno, Bomberman Blast, Hardwood Hearts, and Hardwood Spades will all incorporate the virtual "yous" in various ways.

In the case of these games, player Avatars will be visible on-screen – you can't actually play as your Avatar in Bomberman, sadly. The video does show that players will be able to be ... themselves in the upcoming Ninjabee town building game, A Kingdom for Keflings. (This is likely the new title the Gamerscore crew refer to in their blog update.)

A title update for Scene It? Box Office Smash will roll out on Nov. 19 to enable in-game player Avatars (looks like the game didn't ship ready for NXE after all.) Check out the full video below the break.

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