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NXE leaked, disables Xbox Live until Nov. 19

We're sure the 360 owners among you are getting antsy in the wake of the launch of the New Xbox Experience, so we thought we'd issue a friendly public service announcement. Yes, the NXE has leaked onto various torrent sites around the internet. But before you drop the Avatar-iffic update onto your console, know this -- gaining early, illicit access to the NXE will kick you off of Xbox Live until the update's official release date, November 19. For those awaiting the launch of Gears of War 2, this would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

Oh, and there's also the ever-present danger of receiving a permaban from Microsoft as punishment for your shameless buccaneering. No such bans have been reported yet, but when one is dealing with the possible exclusion from chainsaw-infused multiplayer shenanigans, we feel one would be better served by being safe, rather than sorry.

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