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Poll: What's your preference -- digital downloads or discs?

Darren Murph

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Make no mistake -- the digital downloads versus physical media debate has been raging quietly for years now, but for whatever reason, lighter fluid found the smoldering fire just this week. Granted, the HD Netflix streaming for the Xbox 360 announcement probably helped things along, but we digress. We already gave you our take on the whole ordeal, and overall, we just think streams have too many strings attached to truly eradicate optical discs. Time restrictions (both watch and wait times), overly heavy DRM limitations, possible quality issues, thin catalogs, etc. all detract from the allure that instantly gratifying digital downloads have at first glance. But who knows, maybe you're willing to overlook all of that. Drop your vote in the poll below and sound off in comments. It's Decision 2008, folks -- make it count!


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