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Prototype artificial heart unveiled, expected to cost $192k

Darren Murph

Far from being the first artificial heart we've seen, the latest iteration unveiled by a team of French scientists is easily the most sophisticated. Built from technology used in satellites and airplanes, the prototype heart is said to "beat almost exactly like the real thing using electronic sensors to regulate heart rate and blood flow." Reportedly, the device boasts "the same tiny sensors that measure air pressure and altitude in an airplane or satellite," enabling it to theoretically react in an instant if the patient suddenly needs more or less blood. Thus far, the heart has only been tested in animals, and now gurus behind it are hoping to net approval from authorities in order to forge ahead with clinical trials. Of course, a "lifelike" heart made from polymer and pig tissue won't come cheap, with initial pricing estimates putting it just south of 200 grand. Or, just enough to give you a heart attack.

[Via DailyTech, image courtesy of AP; thanks, Allislost]

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