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Welcome to Massively's Second Year!

Michael Zenke

It was one year ago today that we officially opened the doors on Since then we've worked tirelessly to bring you news about MMOs big, small, and in-between. Since that time millions of people have come to the site, thousands of comments have been left on our posts, and we've been around to cover some of the biggest moments in MMO history yet!

We have a lot to be proud of. We followed the amazing lead up and launch of Age of Conan, and have since been following the game's struggle to make the players happy. We took note of the announcement of Wizard101, an incredibly unique kid-aimed game. We were in-deep with the Warhammer development process and its subsequent explosive launch, and now we're doing our best to keep you informed as Mythic's world continues to change. The future of SOE has been on our plate since day one as we follow the development and changes to games like Free Realms, The Agency, and DC Universe Online. We were even around for the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic! A year ago who would have thought that would ever happen?

Most of all, though, we have to thank you guys. Without readers and commenters, without someone to tell us when we're doing well or let us know when we're off base, Massively wouldn't have had the runaway successful first year its had. Thank you, from all the writers and columnists as, for coming here day after day. Thank you for making the site what it is.

As an even bigger thank you ,starting tomorrow, we're going to be giving away gifts and prizes from across the MMO landscape. Five days of swag, fun, and amusements await you Massively readers ... I hope you'll join us!

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