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Gaming to Go: Warioware: Touched


Wario is weird. Anyone who has ever given Mario's portly nemesis a spin in his numerous games can easily agree with that, though it's a truth most evident in the Warioware series of titles. Touched is Wario's first appearance on the DS and something of a landmark for the handheld, utilizing the stylus for almost everything and showcasing the unique strength of the system. It's also pretty freaking strange. The admittedly odd design choices complement the gameplay pretty well, however, which involve a series of blindingly quick microgames designed to test both your reaction time and tolerance for utter silliness.

The sheer speediness of it all makes Warioware: Touched an ideal candidate for this week's Gaming to Go. Unfortunately, for everything Touched does to streamline the gameplay down to a few exciting seconds, it isn't a perfect experience. Want to hear why? Click that big button down there and see what all of the fuss is about.

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