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Metacritic roundup: Gears of War 2

Dustin Burg

Earlier today, Microsoft lifted the Gears of War 2 review embargo (if you haven't already, check out our 2-page review) and the review scores are flooding in. After eighteen reviews, metacritic has tallied up the scores and listed Gears of War 2's average to be around 95. Which, in metacritic land, is considered "universal acclaim". Check out what the gaming industry has to say about Gears of War 2:
  • Giant Bomb (100/100): "All you really need to know is that Gears of War 2 is a terrific, kick-ass shooter with enough stuff in it to keep you busy for a pretty long time."
  • Gamespy (100/100): "While it's certainly open to debate, we're going to go out on a limb and call Gears of War 2 the most visually impressive game of all-time."
  • IGN (95/100): "It has non-stop action, fresh gameplay, varied environments, an engrossing storyline, multiplayer that will have people busy for years to come, and some of the nastiest and coolest kills I've seen in a videogame."
  • GameTrailers (95/100): "The game consistently manages to put impressive, holy crap-worthy stuff on-screen. Your ears get their fair share of candy, too. Voice work is almost always right on and the music is epic, foreboding, and dangerous."

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