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Plexifilm postpones Wilco Blu-ray release after band discourages fans from purchasing

Darren Murph

Um, wow? Here's one right out of left field. As the story goes, Plexifilm was intent on re-releasing a 2002 documentary of the band Wilco titled "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" on Blu-ray Disc. After getting wind of this pretty late in the game, Wilco decided to e-mail its fans with new tour dates and to discourage them from buying the BD version. Why? According to the band, the Blu-ray version costs nearly twice as much as the DVD, and given that it was originally shot in "grainy, 16mm black and white," the band doubted the value for this particular project. Additionally, the band never heard that the audio was being remastered, which obviously contributed to their feelings on the matter. Plexifilm has made clear that it's postponing the release until it can "show the band the differences between the HD and standard-definition versions."

[Via LA Times, thanks Anthony]

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