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Report: Gaming to reign supreme in the UK


When it comes to the UK, we really only know one person. So we've just assumed for the longest time that gaming was the bee's knees in the country. Turns out that folks living there have enjoyed other forms of entertainment for a long time. They're all starting to come around now, thankfully.

According to a report conducted by Verdict Research, gaming is poised to be the top form of entertainment there for the first time ever this year. The projections for sales figures show the games industry earning 4.64 billion pounds, compared to the 4.46 billion pounds the music and video industry is expected to generate. We wonder how much of that is thanks to the Wii?

So, UK readers, does this surprise you? Is gaming a big thing with your inner circle, or has gaming only recently become the activity of choice? How much of your own cash do you think is in that 4.64 billion pound figure?

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