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Sony's 40-inch ZX-1 LCD HDTV practically confirmed with WHDI

Darren Murph

We already had a good idea that Sony's non-US-bound BRAVIA ZX-1 would come packin' AMIMON's WHDI wireless technology, and now that fact is all but confirmed. The ultrathin LCD HDTV, which is set to go on sale in Japan November 10th, will be relying on AMIMON's wireless standard and not the quickly fading UWB. According to EETimes, Yoav Nissan-Cohen (chairman and CEO of AMIMON) refused to deny that WHDI was in the set when asked, and while a Sony spokesperson also declined to confirm, his description of the technology pointed at one protocol alone. Ultra-wideband, we'd recommend a serious push for adoption right about now, else WHDI just might claim what's yours in the near future.

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