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Ghostcrawler: The rules of the role forums


1st Rule: You do not talk about the role forums.
2nd Rule: You do not talk about the role forums.
3rd Rule: If this is your first post on the role forums, you have to fight.

There are eight rules to Fight Club, and there are eight rules to the new role forums. Coincidence? Highly likely. Ghostcrawler has referenced the movie before, and for some reason I could see him kicking the crap out of himself screaming "Don't nerf me, bro!"

But nonetheless, Ghostcrawler has outlined eight simple and easy to follow rules for these new discussion forums. We'll take a look at them all after the break, but the highlight of the rules is rule #4 which in part says, "Sometimes Blizzard employees, such as me, respond to threads." That along with the preamble remark that "...class designers, such as myself, visit [the class forums] less often than the role forums," makes these new forums very interesting.

It looks like the discussion and back and forth we've come to see in the beta will continue on the new role forums. This can only lead to good things.

The full rules after the break for all you special and unique snowflakes.

The Blizzard class forums rules are as follows:

1. These forums will be moderated more heavily than you might be used to

Basically, Blizzard is going to ensure that there are actual discussion and not just the endless QQing that happens in the class forums. You can have a debate about things, but you have to be intelligent.

2. Don't start a new thread if there's already one about your topic

Blizzard wants to keep the forums clean, and they don't need multiple threads about a single issue.

3. Don't bump

Bumps are pointless, especially when Ghostcrawler has already come out and said he reads every thread, even if he doesn't post.

4. Blizzard will respond

People like Ghostcrawler will respond to the threads. They get to choose which threads they respond to, and they don't want to hear complaints about it.

5. Your thread has been read

Even if there's not a response, Blizzard has read the thread. Ghostcrawler doesn't read the class forums regularly, but he will read these new ones.

6. These forums are mainly for player-to-player communication

Don't expect a blue response, use these forums to communicate with other players. Don't expect suggestions you make to be implemented.

7. Think before you post

If you don't think blue posters or other players will get something out of that super awesome thread you're about to post – don't post it.

8. Be reasonable

You're an expert on your class? Congrats, you clearly have the intellectual capacity to hold a civil conversation. The discussion in these forums are to be intelligent and civil, they're not just a place to vent.

So there you have it, the eight rules of the class forums.

Operation Mayhem my now commence.

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