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How to access the adhocParty from the US

Alan Tsang

Those of you who are eager to try the adhocParty application we reported on last week are in luck, sort of. The good news is, gamers outside of Japan can also test out the service that lets PSP games with local AdHoc play to function over the internet via the PS3. The bad news is, you'll need:
  • a PSP and PS3 with the latest firmware
  • the PS3 must have Wi-Fi capabilities (any PS3 except for the 20GB SKU)
  • the PS3 must be connected online with an ethernet cable and not a wireless connection
  • a Japanese PSN account
  • a game that works with the service; the only game confirmed so far is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
Apparently, not everyone will be able to fulfill all those requirements, but if you happen to be able to, head over to PSPHyper to check out their short and simple guide on how to gain access to the adhocParty.

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