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Joystiq hands-on: BioShock PS3 'Worlds of Hurt' DLC


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Just didn't find BioShock PS3's Survivor difficulty, well, masochistic enough? Then you'll want to give the game's DLCcoming to PSN on Nov. 20 – a spin, if only for the utterly insane "Worlds of Hurt" challenge room. We had a chance to brave it ourselves and found that we needed every ounce of courage and knowledge of Rapture's workings to make it through even a bit.

The scenario has you battling through several rooms of increasing difficulty with the ultimate goal of freeing a Little Sister. It starts off with a single Splicer but soon tests every strategy-forming inch of your grey matter.

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The first couple of rooms are relatively easy, although you start off without any Plasmids or most of your arsenal. These items are unlocked soon after, though, and then it's up to you to choose which order to tackle the rest of the rooms in. Completing one – and being sure to search everywhere and loot every corpse – will reward you with items and money, along with the Adam the Little Sister doles out as a "thank you."

The cash and Adam is spent between rooms to build up your powers and weapons as you see fit. One room in particular is chock-a-block with security turrets, so we found that the Security Beacon Plasmid came in very handy. Speaking of handy, you're also given a preview of each room's contents before committing, by way of glass ceilings you must walk across before dropping in.

Another room we tackled featured nothing but Houdini Splicers and descending staircases. Yet another was a smorgasbord of every possible enemy in the game. We died. Hard.

Where the two other challenge rooms included in the DLC offering, "A Shocking Turn of Events" and "The I in Team," might not have you coming back for fifths, we can see "Worlds of Hurt" – which can be played on any difficult setting – being a draw for quite some time, if only to say "I survived." Hey, 2K ... Trophies are nice and all, but how about a special T-Shirt for those of us who do survive on Survivor?

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