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Massively's EVE Online PvP masterclass


Over the last few weeks the EVE Evolved column has gone through a series of informational articles, exploring the world of PvP in EVE Online. As shown in our introductions to all forms of combat in New Eden, explaining fleet combat, piracy, and even corporate espionage, PvP in EVE is one of the most visceral experiences you can have in an MMO environment. Read the full article series below to understand this compelling style of gameplay.
PvP masterclass - Introduction
In this new series of articles, I will explain PvP from the bottom up, with a particular focus on helping anyone that has always wanted to give EVE's high quality PvP a try but wasn't sure what to do. In this first article, I examine the different types of PvP available in EVE Online.
PvP masterclass - Gang warfare
In this second part, I explore how small gang warfare fits into the PvP landscape of EVE and help you decide what avenues you should pursue if small gang warfare is your cup of tea.
PvP masterclass - Fleet warfare
Fleet warfare in EVE Online is a big step up from the small, casual PvP gangs discussed in last week's PvP Masterclass article. In this guide, I explore the day to day activities of EVE's largest combat machinations, from 30-man faction warfare gangs to 300-man territorial fleets.
PvP masterclass - The dark side
In this final part, I explore EVE's evil side as I talk about piracy and corporate infiltration.

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