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Visiontac rolls out VGPS-900 data logger with voice recording


We first caught sight of this tiny Bluetooth GPS data logger a few months back under the guise of the Columbus V-900 but unfortunately didn't have much in the way of a price, release date, or complete specs at the time. Thanks to the wonderful world of consumer electronics, however, the same device has now popped up again in the form of the VGPS-900 from Visiontac, who seem to be a bit more eager to actually sell it to you. As Columbus let on, this one boasts built-in Bluetooth, a microSD card slot and, according to Vsiontac, a voice recording feature, which is apparently a first among GPS data loggers. You'll also be able to use the device to geotag your photos and, if you so chose, you can also make use of its "spy mode," which provides 30 days of standby logging. Sold? Then you can get your order in right now for $110.

[Via Mobile Gadget News]

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