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Ask Engadget HD: Best gaming / movie console: Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

Darren Murph

Put those controllers down nice and easy for a second and have a look -- we've some real work for you to do. Jonas has chimed in to solicit the opinions of you wise readers before he selects a console to purchase this winter. Have a look:

"Now that the Xbox 360 is the cheapest console out and can stream HD Netflix titles [not to mention play HD DVDs - Ed.], I'm beginning to question my to-be PlayStation 3 purchase. I realize that the PS3 can also play Blu-ray Discs and stream all sorts of media, but I'm really torn between the two. Which would you recommend for someone who will use the machine for half movies and half gaming? And yes, price is an issue, so obviously I favor the Xbox 360 in that area."

We can't imagine that Jonas is alone in this one. The whole HD Netflix announcement was a huge win for Microsoft, and while we know it's coming to other devices soon, there's been no direct announcement made regarding the PS3. Let the debate begin!

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