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Finding your Wrath profession trainers

Amanda Miller

One of the first things on your mind after stepping into Northrend will undoubtedly be the most convenient location of your profession trainers.

You gatherers are going to need the know-how to start hoarding items for fun and profit, and craftspeople will want to see what new items can soon be constructed. Besides, you won't want to be left behind in the server-wide race to the new level cap, 450.

This information might affect which starting zone you choose to explore first, so pass through the break to see what stops you should be making before you venture out to quest and conquer.

If you can find a mage to port you to Dalaran, or a warlock who can summon you, then you should find your trainers there. For most people, especially over the first few days after launch, the easiest way to train will be to simply head to a starting zone.

According to Wowhead, and this may change, almost every profession can be trained by both factions at both starting zones, except as noted below.

Howling Fjord outposts
Alliance: Valgarde
Horde: Vengeance Landing

  • Horde leatherworkers and engineers will have to visit this outpost to train.
Borean Tundra outposts
Alliance: Valiance Keep
Horde: Warsong Hold

Check out our guide on getting to, from, and between the Northrend starting zones!

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