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The Exar arcade stick in exquisite detail


Dengeki has posted hands-on impressions of the EXARSTICK, the non-Tatsunoko themed version of the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom arcade stick. Overall, the tester is pleased with the stick's movement in both buttons and joystick (which uses an arcade-standard square gate). Possible problems included a relatively light weight, which has an adverse effect on stability, and buttons that have limited tactile feedback (they don't push down very far). Oh, and by the way, the article features lots of pictures, up close and from different angles.

It turns out that the Virtual Console-style EXARSTICK and the Tatsunoko stick are different after all! The EXARSTICK has the Minus and Plus buttons mapped to the two oval-shaped buttons on the top row, to match the Select and Start buttons of the Super Nintendo controller (both sticks have Super Nintendo-friendly face button layouts), with the three circular buttons on the right corresponding to ZL, ZR, and Home. The Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick uses those two oval buttons for ZL and ZR, with Minus, Plus, and Home on the circular buttons.

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