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Wowhead launches new blog feature

Zach Yonzon

Papa's got a brand new blog. If papa were our favorite World of Warcraft database, that is. Wowhead recently announced a new feature on their site to coincide with the release of the Wrath of the Lich KIng, a blog dedicated to our favorite game. The blog will be written by the people behind Wowhead, to serve as a sneak peek into the people behind the game and the site. Malgayne writes that they'll "also be posting theorycrafting essays, weekly discussion topics, WoW news and maybe even a hardware review or two."

This is great news for everyone as Wowhead just keeps on getting better (kind of like, ahem, a certain World of Warcraft blog), and a better Wowhead is always a better gaming experience for everyone. You can always visit the blog page or subscribe to it through the RSS feed. There isn't much on it for now -- it's just the announcement post -- but expect the spot to fill up with some excellent reading material.

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