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Callpod's Drone Bluetooth adapter turns your Bluetooth headset into Skype's best friend


We were always curious as to why computers don't make it easier to take advantage of that fancy little Bluetooth headset of yours -- why buy a whole 'nother headset for Skype and Counter Strike (is that what kids are up to these days?) when your ridiculously overpriced Jawbone will do just fine? Callpod's newly released Drone USB Bluetooth adapter makes your Bluetooth headset look just like a regular headphone / mic combo to a PC or Mac, perfect for chewing out the kids from your hotel room over some long-distance Skype without messing with a tangle of wires. Callpod is also touting a 100 meter wireless range, and can naturally do regular, boring Bluetooth chores like transferring files and tethering your keyboard. The Drone is available now for $50.

[Via Crave]

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