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Finally, Zapper heads to Xbox Originals


We know, we know. It's kind of hard to keep reading this when you know that Zapper is headed to Xbox Originals. Stay with us though, because the game isn't actually available yet, so you can't run off to download it anyway. No, the game won't actually be available on the service until November 17, at which point we imagine all of the world's social interaction and commerce will cease -- apart from the massive influx of MS Point purchases -- throwing the global economy into a tailspin. Deliveries will stop, utilities will shut down, but no one will care. We'll all be mesmerized by the awesomeness that is Zapper, and we will play until the electricity fails. As Zapper constantly prods the pleasure nodes in our brains, we will slowly, blissfully succumb to starvation.

Either that or Zapper's release will slip by completely unnoticed, one of the two.

[Via Joystiq]

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