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Japanese anime studio Production Reed opens Blu-ray doors

Darren Murph

Thanks to prohibitive licensing fees and all sorts of other ridiculous hurdles, the amount of anime studios making the leap to Blu remains incredibly small. Thankfully, Japanese studio Production Reed has ponied up the cash and courage to take the dive, officially opening up a Blu-ray website and announcing a few forthcoming titles for the format. The firm's first two offerings on BD will be Magical Princess Minky Momo and Dancougar: Super Beast Machine God box sets, with the first landing on January 23, 2009 and the latter arriving December 19, 2008. As much as we'd love to see this mark the beginning of a trend, we still have our doubts -- but then again, if BD adoption keeps heading up in Japan, we suppose anything could happen.

[Via ActiveAnime]

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