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Rumor: Valve hinting at 10th Team Fortress 2 class in Left 4 Dead

The image you see above is a screengrab from the Left 4 Dead demo, featuring a box of delicious "Chocobites" cereal -- the back of which details the prize buried deep within the box's chocolatey bounty: an 8-inch action figure of one of the nine classes in Team Fortress 2. We'd -- wait a second. If there are nine classes in TF2, why does the box tell the discerning Chocobites consumer to collect all ten of the figures?

Could it be Valve's peculiar way of hinting at the upcoming addition of a 10th class to their popular cartoony run-and-gunner? It's entirely possible -- series co-creator Robin Walker has hinted at such additions in the past. However, it could be a hint that Valve is working on some much-requested Team Fortress 2 figurines -- or, though slightly more unlikely, that the PC gaming juggernaut is about to enter the booming breakfast cereal industry. Hopefully, we'll hear more on this in Valve's next weekly news update.

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