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World first Level 80 Death Knight?

Zach Yonzon

A screenshot and a quick Armory check shows that Dessembrae of Mazrigos-EU is quite possibly the world's first Level 80 Death Knight. Unless proven otherwise, Dessembrae earned the feat at around 19:00 CET., the resource for all things Death Knight, reports the achievement after making a call-out to all Death Knight enthusiasts. It appears that Dessembrae overtook Arello, whose Death Knight reportedly hit 70 ahead of everyone else.

It's quite apparent that the early launch of the game in European realms proved to be too much of a hurdle for US realm-based players as most major achievements were obtained by European players such as the first player to Level 80, and even the mastery of all current PvE content. With most world first and realm first Achievements getting snapped up, it looks as though it'll soon be time for most players to settle into a more comfortable groove. That is, um, maybe actually enjoying the scenery.

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