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Blu-ray releases for the week of November 16th

Alan Tsang

While we are wondering why the price difference Wall-E two-disc edition and three-disc edition is a mere 4 cents, you guys can check out this week's Blu-ray releases:

Theatrical releases:
Tropic Thunder maybe offensive to some, but that didn't stop it from being extremely funny. Southland Tales might not have been as critically acclaimed as Richard Kelly's previous flick, but you can't miss a movie that has Sarah Michelle Gellar in the role of an adult film star that sings a song called Teen Horniness is Not A Crime. Those of who enjoyed Labyrinth should check out MirrorMask, a children's film with some dark themes that should sit well with tweens and adults alike. Theatrical releases are above, everything else (including TV releases) are after the jump:

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