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Firemachines' Slyc: a lot less for a lot more


Introducing Firemachines' Slyc: this diminutive desktop is not the smallest we've ever seen -- and regardless of what they say in their product literature, it's hardly a bargain when compared to the Mac mini and other similarly sized desktops. It boasts a Core 2 Duo processor and is available in two flavors. For $999.99 you can expect 2.20GHz, 2GB memory, 200GB storage, and DVD +/- RW; but if you're looking to save a hundred bucks, you can scale back to 2GHz, 1GB memory, 120GB storage and DVD-ROM / CD-RW. The 3-year warranty will run you $129.99 -- which will be worthless if Firemachines isn't around in three years. What do you think? Looking for a machine that reminds you of your old, second generation Genesis? If so, go ahead and hit the read link -- just don't say we didn't warn you.

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