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IBM survey finds consumers kosher with select kinds of advertising

Darren Murph

We've heard for years that the DVR was killing marketers' ability to inform and persuade, but a recent survey from IBM points out that advertisers would do alright if they'd simply keep with the times. The research revealed that more and more individuals are turning to their PCs and mobiles for content ingestion, and out of the 2,800 individuals surveyed around the globe, over 70% said they preferred "advertising-supported models as opposed to consumer-paid models." In fact, the majority of respondents admitted to preferring ads shown before of after a clip versus the "interruption" method currently used in TV broadcasts. Researchers also found that some 60% would be willing to provide personal information in exchange for valuable content, with "high quality music / videos, discounts to favorite stores and air travel / hotel points" being among the most desirable. More figures for number lovers are just down there in the read link.

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