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First Look: FlightTrack real-time flight tracker


Have you ever had one of those "damn, I wish I had waited a couple of weeks" moments? They usually happen when you buy an iPhone app you're not really thrilled about, but it's the only one of its type. About two weeks later, you're slapping your forehead when the app you really wanted ships.

It happened to me this month. When I travel, I like to make sure my flights are on time, so I like to use FlightView's Flight Tracker. About two weeks ago I purchased another flight status app, and I've been underwhelmed with it ever since.

Now Mac and iPhone Developer Ben Kazez has created FlightTrack, a real-time flight tracker for iPhone and iPod touch. The US$4.99 FlightTrack app (click opens iTunes) uses the same great FlightView data and maps, so it looks and works a lot like the online tracker.

Not only do you get the cool real-time location of each flight, but weather is overlaid on the maps (see screenshot at right). You can track multiple flights, look at details, and search by a number of criteria.

Thanks, Ben. Now I have to spend another $4.99 to replace that other app I'm using....

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