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Gamestop: Good luck getting a Wii this Christmas


With Nintendo's supply of Wiis having remaining spectacularly insufficient for over two years now, we've considerably streamlined our process of blogging about the supremely successful system's shortages. Oh yes, it's all done by the computer now. We just plug in the names, the quote and some other snippets of relevant information.

[NAME: Carlson, David], who is the [Position: CFO] of [Company: Gamestop] has predicted another Christmas marked by shelf scouring and anguished cries, noting that Nintendo's sought-after sellout and [ADDITION: its Balance Board peripheral] would likely be out of stock by then. [QUOTE:"Wii Fit is in very, very short supply. It sells through as quickly as it hits the stores,"] he said. [And although the Wii hardware is in very good supply right now we believe it may as well be out of stock by the holiday season."]

Don't worry, all good things come to those who wait. And if you wait long enough, there might be something other than [EASY TARGET: Wii Music] to entertain you on your new toy.

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