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The Queue: Future raids and more on daily quests

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Be warned that today's edition of The Queue contains some light spoilers at the very end, regarding the Death Knight intro quests as well as some quests in Icecrown. To avoid spoilers, stop reading a little before the end, but you're safe until then.

Thiosion asked...

What instances other than Ulduar and Icecrown are (is?) Blizzard suspected to be working on?

We haven't heard anything solid at all. At all. Really, nothing. To make this 'answer' a little more robust, would you like to hear some of the rumors I've heard? This is the part where you nod your head yes!

Mayhaps we're going to revisit Fandral Staghelm's story in Caverns of Time: The War of the Shifting Sands. Maybe we're going into Gundrak Keep to take out the Frost King Malakk and his new band of random assorted animal gods, or he might be a Tier 8 Gruul-like raid, where you cut through his council to get at him, and then you're done. One that's pretty likely is a trip to the deepest reaches of Azjol-Nerub to jab Yogg-Saron with sticks. I've also heard that one of the upcoming dungeons will be a Caverns of Time: Dating Sim raid in which we try to make sure Aegwynn and Nialas Aran get their groove on so Medivh is born. So, you know. Rumors.


I'm not sure if I missed something here, but I remember there was once talk from Blizzard that they were planning to get rid of the whole 'need to be uncrittable as well as uncrushable' thing. Did that happen? I admit its been a while since I've tanked anything at all, so I wouldn't be suprised if I missed something.

You can still be crit without the proper gear, but +3 mobs can no longer crush you under normal circumstances. Crushes start at +4 levels now. Since boss mobs are considered +3, you don't need to be concerned about eating crushing blows while raid tanking anymore. You do still need to be defense capped to avoid being crit.

Leo M asked...

I've seen two different sets of screenshot for the coveted choppas. In some, they have no sidecar, and in others they do. Are there two seperate versions to make, or is there a button to press to summon a sidecar?

It just automatically goes away or pops out depending on whether or not you have a passenger. If someone clicks on your bike, the sidecar folds out and they jump in. When they jump it, it folds back up. Simple!

Twothirteen asked...

Are there any Heroic Daily quest? And if so, where are they? Would they be in Dalaran, kind of like the Heroic Daily in Outland was in Shatt?

Yes, there are Heroic Dungeon dailies and Regular Dungeon dailies, both can be found in Dalaran. They're outside of the Violet Hold. WIth your back to the Hold looking out into the city, the Heroic questgiver wlil be on your left and the regular guy will be on the right. On Cenarion Circle today, the daily heroic is The Nexus as you can see in the screenshot above. Poor, poor Keristrasza.


My question is about Orbaz Bloodbane - the guy that gives us some quests in the DK starting area and then runs away when Darion is owned by good old Tirion. Does he appear later, in game? Saw he is somewhere in Icecrown, but would like to know more about his role and if we get to do anything about him in the future.

He is indeed in Icecrown. He's been rewarded for his treachery and leads the fresh Death Knights the Lich King has raised to replace the ones he lost at Acherus. Losing Acherus entirely was apparently a bigger blow to the Scourge than the Lich King cares to admit, so he's in a hurry to replace what he lost. Orbaz Bloodbane is the head honcho of these new Death Knights.

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